Time to Get Serious

Even though I say this every year, I swear this time I’m serious about posting regularly. I have things I do and I like to narrate them to people that aren’t reading. It makes me feel important.

Since 2020 turned out to be a shit show, I’m hoping that 2021 will be more productive. I’ve already started on a goal and just need to maintain it now. Since I really got into arting late in 2020, I’ve decided to open up an Etsy store and try to peddle my creations. It’s not going to be a job, and I’ve walked into it knowing that. BUT, it is absolutely wonderful to see a sale when I check my messages. There is a link on the right to it if you’re interested in seeing what I have available.

Along with the arting, I’ve decided to create a Book of Shadows for my kitchen witch self. There needs to be a record of the crazy that is my kitchen.

Which means I need to have a book to leave all those recipes in and low and behold my husband bought me the perfect journal for it at Christmas. So far, I’ve gotten the cover page done. Now I just need to start adding content. I’m not Wiccan or even pagan. In fact, quite the opposite, but I realized that there are lots of things that I do in a kitchen and in my home that make me a bit witchy. Once I looked into it a little, I realized that I’m a kitchen or green witch. A Book of Shadows seemed like the next logical step. AND, it’ll let me get some creativity out of my brain.

A junk journal is also a pretty adventurous idea but it’s something I’d at least like to start this year. At some point. Are you seeing a theme here? Lots of art and creativity and I’m kinda excited about the creativity going on in my brain lately.

I’ve also decided to start working on calligraphy of some form. Either brush lettering or true calligraphy. It’ll help with my intentions with the art, the junk journal and the book of shadows, so two birds, one stone. I’m all about making life easier by having ganging goals up together.

As the year progresses, I’ll be sure to share my arting. I’m actually super excited for this year and what I might be able to accomplish.

What are your goals for the year? Were you able to achieve any of your 2021 goals?


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